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HTML Hyperlinks

Without hyperlinks people wouldn't use the internet! But links (hyperlinks) allow us to connect our web pages together so that people can quickly get to the desired web page. In addition to linking to web pages you can also link to an email address and a phone number. When you point to an external website you use what is called an absolute path and when you link to an internal web page on your own site you use a relative path to navigate to the page.

The A href Element

You use hyperlinks to connect your web pages together. HTML 5 Hyperlinks are necessary to enable end users to go from one page to another. Without hyperlinks, nobody would want to stay on the internet very long. Without hyperlinks, you would have to know the exact URL of every page you wanted to visit.

html hyperlink in code

Email Links

html hyperlink code for email links

Phone Links

html code for phone links

How To Create Hyperlinks

Once you have watched the video on HTML hyperlinks leave a comment on YouTube stating "I know how to add hyperlinks to my website." (3.5 minutes)

Without hyperlinks, the internet would be very boring. You'd have to know the exact URL to every page you wanted to visit and type it in the browser bar! Now that you know how to create hyperlinks in HTML, you can move forward and learn how to add images to your website.

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