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CSS Selectors

Before you can write the property and value to define your styles, you have to know how to select the item that you want to style. You can select items either by their element name, class ID, or class name. View the examples below and then watch the video below to learn more.

In the CSS section - we will cover the following types of CSS Selectors:

  • Select by Element
  • Select Nested Elements
  • Select by ID
  • Select By ClassName
  • Select Multiple Elements at Once
  • Select by First-Child, Last-Child and Nth-Child

After you complete the video, please leave a comment (on YouTube) to indicate that you have completed this step. In the comments, you can write something like "I can style by selecting a HTML element name, class name or id". But if you still don't understand something, please write that in your comments too so that I know what topics need an additional video tutorial. (6 minutes)

If you have watched the video above AND you have left a comment on the YouTube page of the video, then go ahead and move to the next page to learn more CSS. At this point, you should be comfortable with selecting items to style. If not, go back and review the material above. Otherwise, continue to learn CSS properties.

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