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How to Style Hyperlinks with CSS

Without hyperlinks, the web would be very boring! Hyperlinks are what allow you to browse a website from page to page - just click a link! If you want the user to go directly to the page, just add a link. If you want the link to open the page in a new browser tab, add the following property and value to your hyperlinks: target="_blank".

<a href="" target="_blank">

Hyperlink Pseudo Classes (Remember: LOVE HATE)

Hyperlinks (a href tags) have 4 different stages that you can style. The link tag (non-visited), the visited tag (user had been there already), the hover tag (give the user feedback to let them know they have hovered over a link, and the active tag (currently clicking). An easy way to remember to style all 4 of these is to think of "love/hate" L-linke; V-visited; H-hover; A-active. NOTE: The styles to the active link can be seen when you click the link but before you let up on the mouse.


styling html hyperlinks


css style hyperlinks



Hover over the text in the results section and watch the links change the text color or background color - based on the styles applied to each section.

You should now be able to link pages together and style the hyperlinks using CSS. Take a few moments and practice styling hyperlinks.

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