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How to Style Checkboxes with CSS

You may want your check boxes to be larger than the default size. This is possible with CSS. You can also style the text beside the checkbox. See the examples below to learn how you can style html checkboxes.

How To Make Checkboxes Larger

There may be times when you want to make the box next to the option larger than the default. This code will demonstrate how to add styles to your CSS code that will make the checkbox bigger.


html checkoxes checked


css stylng checkboxes


example styled checkboxes


It is possible to have the unchecked and checked boxes styled to different sizes (although I'm not sure why you would do that) so you have to define both stages of the checkbox - checked and nothing (unchecked).

How To Make Text Larger

If you just want to make the text next to the checkbox larger, this is how you write the code for that:


html checkoxes make larger


css styling checkbox


example bigger checkboxes


You can change the text next to the checkbox but not by defining your style to the checkbox itself. Instead, you need to wrap your checkboxes in a container tag and define your style in it as we did here using the 'set2 id'. However, if you want a sentence directly above the checkboxes but you don't want it to be the same color as your checkbox labels, then you'll need to wrap that text in a span tag and give it a different font color.

Try creating your own unique check boxes using CSS before moving ahead.

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