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CSS Flexbox

CSS FlexBox is a layout model for one-dimensional layouts. You can choose to place items either along the X-axis or the Y-axis (but not both). A flex container is flexible meaning it expands the items to fill space when it is available and shrinks the space when it is not. With Flexbox, you can lay out and align elements in a container even if you don’t know the size of those items.

NOTE: You can put a FlexBox container inside of a CSS Grid but you cannot put a CSS Grid inside of a FlexBox container.

CSS Grid System

How to Create a CSS Flexbox


html code for flexbox


css code for flexbox


Try creating a web page with a CSS Flexbox. Spend at least one hour on this topic because CSS flexbox is used quite often in web design so you need to be confident on this topic.

If you read the information above and reviewed and understand the demos then you have completed the CSS 3 mountain climb at Campsite Coders. Take a break and when you are ready to move forward, you can start learning JavaScript.

Congratulations! You have completed the CSS training.

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