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Campsite Coders is an educational website used while discussing web development with newbie coders. The website was designed and coded by Susan Winters who has been developing websites for more than two decades. Over the years, the process of building a website has changed a lot and this website has been used as a tool for learning and applying new technologies. Campsite Coders is registered as a business in Colorado where Susan spends her vacations - camping and coding. If you have found the information on this website beneficial, please leave a positive review on Google so that we can continue our work in representing coders who also enjoy nature.

56747 Ewing Rd, Moffat, CO 81143, USA

Boot Camp

Join the Coding Adventure and learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 5, PHP and MySQL while coding along. Paid course $97.

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Campsite Coders Bootcamp Coding Adventure
Road Map for Coding Adventure One

Campsite Coders

56747 Ewing Rd

Moffat, CO 81143


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