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Learn to code and become a Front End Web Developer.

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HTML is the basic framework needed to structure all of your web pages. All web pages contain HTML markup. Start here to learn the basics.

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Use CSS to make your websites pretty using custom fonts, adding colors, adjusting positions and margins, and adding animations.

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Start interacting with your users by adding dynamic content to your website using JavaScript. JavaScript is also used with CSS to create animations.

Campsite Coders Bootcamp Coding Adventure

Boot Camp

Join the Coding Adventure and learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 5, PHP and MySQL while coding along. Paid course $97.

Campsite Coders is an educational website that provides training in website development. This education is delivered via online tutorials in written format and video demonstrations. Campsite Coders provides both free and paid content. The basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are delivered as free content for those who need to learn the basics of how to read Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Stylesheets but have no plans to build a complete website. But we offer a Coding Adventure for those wanting to learn JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL. The paid course is a "code along" with the instructor course.

Did you know that it is possible to still write code even while camping? Go ahead and spend your day hiking or fishing with your family or friends. Once the day is nearing the end, open your laptop and start writing code. You will need to plan ahead to ensure that you have ample power for the duration of your computer usage but it can be done. Depending on how many days you are out in the wilderness without a place to recharge your battery will determine how much time you can spend each day writing code. After camping a few times with your laptop you will learn to conserve energy. Be sure to protect all of your computer gear by keeping your laptop and other devices in a sturdy water-resistant backpack. You will also want to pack a good book and a flash light for when your laptop's battery finally gives out. Although you are probably used to writing code while connected to the internet, you do not have to be connected to open an IDE that is already installed on your computer. So, the next time your family or friends want to go camping, don't miss out on the adventure.

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Learn How To Use Google Fonts in 5 minutes!

Campsite Coders Bootcamp Coding Adventure
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