Book Collection

Books for internet connections, coding books, and technology devices.

Web Development Books

Learning to Code from Anywhere - save on electricity by just reading a physical book (or your Kindle or iPad if you insist). These are the books that teach you the basics of website development - the "front end".

Camping Styles

How Do You Want To Camp?


The Tools You Will Need

After you have set up your tent, blown up your air mattress and assembled your LED light up canopy room and after you have set up your choice of chair and desks - you will review the manner in which you will learn to code while camping. You will start with the basics.

No Internet / No Electricity:

Read an actual physical book. If you are in a group of 4, you each can purchase only 1 book and then trade with another person in your group when they have completed theirs. You can help them or learn from them.

Turn on the computer / No Internet

Work on the projects in the book using Visual Studio 2017. (You will need a battery backup)

Turn on the internet:

Upload files to your webserver. (FileZilla)