Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

This is a study guide for the Microsoft Exam 70-480 - created in web format by Susan Winters. This is Step 2 in the suggested path to earning your MCSA certification.

This exam is NOT for beginner Web Developers! You should have one or more years of experience in programming in an object-oriented, event-driven programming model using HTML and JavaScript.

This is a "working document" meaning it is being worked on. The red dots mean that the code examples are on codepen. The blue bullets are referencing an outside resource.

Chapter 1 - Implement and manipulate document structures and objects

Objective 1.1

Create the document structure HTML5

Objective 1.2

Write code that interacts with UI controls HTML5

Objective 1.3

Apply styling to HTML elements programmatically

Objective 1.4 - Implement HTML5 APIs

Implement HTML5 APIs HTML5

Objective 1.5

Establish the scope of objects and variables JavaScript

Objective 1.6 - JavaScript Objects & Methods

Create and implement objects and methods JavaScript

Chapter 2 - Implement Program Flow

Objective 2.1

Implement Program Flow JavaScript

Objective 2.2

Raise and handle an event JavaScript

Objective 2.3

Implement exception handling JavaScript

Objective 2.4

Implement a callback JavaScript

Objective 2.5 - Web Workers

Create a web worker process JavaScript

  • Getting started with web worker process
  • Creating a worker process with the Web Worker API - wrap a process in a Web Worker so the page can continue loading while that process is still running.
  • Using web workers
  • Understanding web workers limitations
  • Configuring timeouts and intervals

Chapter 3 - How to Access & Secure Data

Objective 3.1

Validate user input by using HTML5 elements HTML

Objective 3.2

Validate user input by using JavaScript JavaScript

Objective 3.3

Consume Data JavaScript

  • Consuming JSON and XML data by using web services
  • Using the XMLHttpRequest object

Objective 3.4

Serialize, deserialize, and transmit data JavaScript


Chapter 4 - How To Decorate & Style Your Pages with CSS

Objective 4.1

Style HTML text properties CSS

Objective 4.2 - CSS Element Attributes

Style HTML box properties CSS

Objective 4.3 - CSS Layouts

Create a flexible content layout CSS

Objective 4.4

Create an animated and adaptive UI CSS

Objective 4.5

Find elements using CSS selectors and jQuery CSS

Objective 4.6

Structure a CSS file by using CSS selectors CSS

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